as well you should. kidnap. adore. sleep. drive. and lovelovelove.

so mary has a personality and an ass from heaven? reminds me a bit of a little lady hiding from me in kalamazoo.

i want to be working on other stuff right now. i can't. i am enflamed with a desire totototo...don't know how to say it. don't know what i'm trying to say. don't know how you make me love the honesty. even better, you make me want to pull down honesty's tight black diesel pants and suck him off.

how is this possible? i walked into a day that didn't want me, and i came out the salty side of lust. is that how i taste sometimes? am i using writing you a message as an excuse to expunge expose x-rate a demon’s desire? is it possible to go too far, and if it is, should i care? i hope you are sleeping sans panties. i hope right now your nipples twitch because in your sleep they know what it is i want. they know i want nipples. yours. a tongue. yours. a teasing on hands and knees skirt hiked up hair east of head coy cunning what are you waiting for leer. come here.

your body knows mine just said this. i know it does. and now your heart needs a transplant. it needs to be replaced by mine for a moment, so that your veins may know, may finally feel first hand, that mine is theirs as well.

indeed...stop adoring from so far away.

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