Agoraphobia can also develop learned avoidance behavior in an individual. Avoidance behavior can develop when someone begins to be afraid of doing something so they avoid it. They're related to panic attacks.

The terms avoidance behavior are also loosely used to describe the act of knowing you should be doing something and you're not, because you're avoiding it.

This act is very common among children (into early teens according to my mother) that keeping finding other things to keep them busy when they're asked to do something else. Which for example could be that they were asked to do the dishes and keep finding something to do or make excuses to not do the chore.

Many times a concerned parent may take their child to see a physician to see if it's a medical problem that needs treatment. Do not fear parents, majority of the times it'll be grown out of.

Avoidance behavior symptoms in adults are noticed most often at a place of employment such as when the employee is asked to do something, they find a way around it by doing something else hence avoiding the task. Another common example is amongst students when they need to be studying or doing homework and they're out partying or what not putting the tasks off to the last minute.

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