A common name for repeated trouble in swallowing certain types of solid foods, such as steak. The problem seems to come and go. Typically, a person with steakhouse syndrome will attempt to avoid foods causing the problem or will try to eat smaller pieces or chew longer (often to no avail). Drinking liquids will often not flush the food down, but instead will sit on top of the food and eventually cause you to eject the liquid but not always the offending piece of food. In the case of the latter, extreme discomfort can occur. Certain other incidents may cause the need for an emergency EGD. When the food gets stuck, and liquids will not pass through, it causes the person to secrete massive amounts of saliva which he or she is also unable to swallow.

The steakhouse syndrome is typically caused by the presence of a Schatzki's Ring. The fiberous tissue of the ring constricts the flow of the solid food to the stomach.

If you have steakhouse syndrome, your doctor will probably order a Upper GI and then an EGD with dilation.
For neat pictures of a Schatzi's Ring, see http://www.gastrolab.net/mg024.htm I have pictures of my own. This node is not to be considered medical advice.

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