The Barbecued Fondue

To make a barbecued camembert, first go to a shop that sells camembert and buy one that comes in a wooden box. Whilst you’re there buy some aluminium foil if you don’t have any at home.

Go to wherever your barbecue will be taking place.

Now open up the wooden box and remove the camembert. Note that it is wrapped in wax paper which you do NOT want to eat. Remove the wax paper and replace it with aluminium foil wrapped around the cheese.

Jam the camembert back in the box and put it in the fridge. When you feel you are ready to cook on your barbecue you may get the camembert out of the fridge again and stick it on the barbecue.

Wait for the two round sides of the box to burn whilst turning the cheese over every few minutes. Once both side of the box are burnt and crispy the cheese should be done.

Remove the box either by breaking it up or just taking the lid off. Whatever you do try to expose the smooth side of the aluminium foil. Get yourself a sharp implement and cut a cross into the foil, pulling back the edges.

You should now be looking at a gooey cheesy mess in cased in aluminium foil. Scoop it out using your favourite dipping tool, I recommend slices of crisp eating apple. When finished, throw the remainder in the bin, no tidying see?

Now I’m hungry…

yclept says: Try wrapping the camembert in parchment paper before the aluminium foil. It won't burn and will eliminate any metallic flavours from the fondue

BlueDragon says: If it's not BBQ weather you can do this in a microwave, it only takes a minute! Yummy.

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