The creases formed in the face of a human being due to wear and stretching caused by frequent smiling. These lines can be but are not necessarily indicative of a person who is generally happy, or at least smiles a lot. Compare with frown lines.

Grandma has lots of lines and wrinkles. She is 79 and in pain most of the time. Yesterday she asked me for her face cream, the thick white goopy stuff only old ladies use. I rubbed some on for her because her hands were trembling violently from medication, lines and soft ridges and flabby skin moving under my ragged fingertips.

I am lax with my skin care and when I take my face out of the pillow in the morning, it is stiff and creased where my brow has been furrowed with the effort of deep dreaming. On a good day when I come home and wash grime off my face there are thin traceable lines around my mouth, finer than the ones on my forehead and these are the creases I like.

Floppy saggy skin runs in the family, or comes with age. My mother's face is lined and furrowed and I remember when she used to have the happy lines etched around her mouth and a firmer tilt. This is a lie but there are photographs and I am a paramnesiac. I would like to remember the smiling lines and I would like to wake up with traceable patterns around my mouth, happy marks.

This is what I would like you to do for me, if my skin forgets do it on its own. I would like you to ignore the furrows and remember my smile.

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