Improv game in which one of the walls of the stage in used as the floor of the scene.

A popular version uses the proscenium's fourth wall as the floor- which means when the stage floor becomes a wall in the reality of the scene, and the audience watches the scene as if from the underside of a glass floor. How to play this type of sideways scene:

  • When you lie down, feet toward the audience, your character is standing up.
  • When you stand up, feet on the stage floor, your character is lying on the floor. Back to the audience = lying face up, facing the audience = lying face down.
  • If, at any time, your feet leave the proscenium's fourth wall, your character is defying gravity.
  • Find reasons to change position: fall down, get up, give your fellow actors reason to do the same. There's no point in making this a talking scene.
  • There is no justification for you to walk across the stage in this scene. To have your character walk in the scene, you must turn sideways so that one shoulder, arm, and hip are on the stage floor. Use them to scoot yourself across the stage. If you find yourself unable to scoot, but instead pivoting around your midsection-- your character is now doing a backflip.
  • This scene is easier to understand when you see it, rather than having it explained to you. Thus, practice your introduction to this game so it does not confuse your audience.

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