I love you now, now now! I don't know if I'll love your house, or kids, or parents, but right now in this bar AT THIS MOMENT I sincerely love you, and I am sure that I will for the next hour or two!
  • I will love you if you take your pants off, and I fervently hope that you will.
  • I will love you if you let me kiss you, and that is my fond ambition.
What more do you want? I can see that your reluctance stems from what you think it will be like tomorrow--Oh, damn! May I point out that tomorrow will not be here for several hours yet, and that my love is guaranteed for AT LEAST the next two or three?
I wish you could just relax into my short term love, you beautiful soul!!!

the speaker is whirled away by the flow of the crowd but soon comes 'round again:

Joking? Was Walt Whitman joking? Touch my arm, and see if I don't burst into flame!

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