'Shojo' manga/anime follow storylines allegedly aimed at girls. However, these storylines are often quite popular with both men and women as well as children in the U.S. because they are often more intelligent in plot and characterization than shonen and are often only distinguishable from shonen in that they focus more on romance and other personal relationships such as friendship, areas of interest to both genders.

shojo vs shôjo

This node has been renamed back and forth a couple of times, so it's time to set the record straight and educate the public in the intricacies of long vowels in Japanese while I'm at it.

This node is henceforth shojo because E2 bakufu policy is to use only short vowels in Japanese node titles. Elsewhere lies chaos; see Editor Log: February 2003 for a more detailed rationale.

And now the definitions of the words in question:

shôjo 少女
daughter; young lady; virgin; maiden; little girl
shojo 処女
virgin; maiden

...and for completeness' sake...

shôjô 猩猩
orangutan; heavy drinker
(and a whole lot of other things for other kanji, none of them terribly common)
The first of these, with the long vowel, is by far the more common of the two, and the careful reader will observe that virgin is in fact a (secondary) meaning for it as well. You are thus unlikely to make any really mortifying mistakes with this particular pair.

Definitions courtesy of JDICT. Thanks to sekicho for the monkey.

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