Sex objects are noticed because of their body, and not their ideas, opinions, or talents, if only for that moment. Most likely all of us have objectified, or been objectified at some point in our lives.
With the internet, take the same situation, only instead of someone even seeing what you look like to objectify you, its done based solely on the implied gender. Being a female geek, I tend to be noticed for my gender, rather than my ideas or accomplishments.

There is some question as to whether this song is about a woman or man. No one really knows, as Kraftwerk never answers questions about their influences. About the only things I do know about this tune is that it (1) has some downright beautiful synthesized strings, (2) contains more Spanish than any other "English" Kraftwerk song, and (3) encapsulates Depeche Mode's entire career in a few minutes. :)

Like most of the rest of Electric Cafe, the production unfortunately often exceeds the songwriting. A completely different version of this song was to be included on 1983's cancelled Techno Pop album.

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