The Teen Lust Industrial Complex is a machination which continually lowers the age of a female as an accepted sex object. What causes this shift? Is it a hormonal change that triggers premature puberty, and thus naturally alters the public's acceptance of younger women as sexual objects? Or is it a reflection of the public's changing values, which in turn is artificially sharpened by the media to produce maximum advertising profits? Most likely it is probably a combination of these two forces.

Of these two forces however, I think the mass media is the larger factor. It works on a system where it feeds itself while ironically devouring itself as well, like an octopus eating its own tenticals. The longer the Teen Lust Industrial Complex runs the more it justifies itself and the more the public's appetite grows for the "forbidden fruit" of young innocence.

A quick look at the reigning celebrities of the day is potential proof to this idea. Pop superstars like Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan, as well as tennis queen Maria Sharapova are a few of the women that fall into the Teen Lust Industrial Complex. They are presented as, and considered to be, women much older than their actual ages, and are often used to sell certain products with their sexual allure.

This could be seen as liberating or degrading to woman depending on how you look at it, and will always be open to debate.

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