Most GUIs are set up such that if you begin to select text, and your selection drags outside the border of the text area, the text area will automatically scroll to reveal more selectable text.
So, some of us like to scroll windows on a computer by selecting text, even when selecting text makes no sense.
I don't do this always, but most of the time. I find it convenient; i don't have to go all the way over to that thin little scrollbar with my cursor, or reach a hand over to the keyboard for the arrow keys or PgUp/PgDwn. I can keep my cursor here in the web browser window, where i'm going to be doing most of my heavy clicking.

Most people who do select-scroll begin to get a kind of neurotic dependency on it, and will become quite disoriented if they find themselves in that rare program where their chosen method does not work. Select-scrolling is confusing for the uninitiated to watch over a shoulder, and the initiated tends to develop an extreme deep-seated irritation toward scroll wheels. The only REAL drawback to this method, though, is that anyone accustomed to select-scrolling will be suddenly vaulted into a state of COMPLETE and TOTAL HELL when faced with the perplexing operation that is cut and paste in X.

- phenylketonurics says damn you xterm pine window, you don't select scroll! i am lost!

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