This is what you keep score on in a round of golf. Each scorecard is usually unique to the course, and many golfers keep scorecards to remind them of courses they've played. Some have pictures of the holes with distances and target areas marked out as "Position A" (where you should hit it for maximum efficiency) and "Position B" (where a hacker should aim). They will usually tell you the handicap of each hole for betting purposes. On an 18-hole course, each hole would be numbered 1-18. The harder the hole, the lower the handicap. So, if you're giving a player strokes and you're betting on each hole, the player getting the strokes would get them on the higher handicap holes.

When a golfer is at the driving range hitting great shots, one after another, a casual onlooker might say, "I bet you post some great scores on the course, don't you?"

To which the honest golfer might reply, "No. I can only hit them like this when I don't have a scorecard in my pocket."

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