Australian slang for sandwich. Pronounced san-gah
NB: All 'er' endings are pronounced 'ah' in Aussie slang (and most 'g's are eaten by the speaker).

Of course, the most Aussie sanger would be the Vegemite sandwich. But anything that has two slices of bread with something in between qualifies.


It used to be a common word, but it is rarely used in the new millenium.

"Honey, I don't feel like cooking dinner, let's have some sangers instead."
"Have you packed the sangers for the picnic, darl?"

An Australian version of the Bookmaker sanger:



Toast the bread well, do not burn.
Tenderise the steak. In a small amount of butter, lightly sauté the minute steak. Add onion to the pan when turning the steak over.
Butter both pieces of toast. Put mustard on one slice. Place four slices of tomato on top of the mustard.
Add steak and onion to the sandwich.
Close sanger and eat.

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