A tasty topping that many people put on top of a salad to add more flavor and zest, or to just make the bowl of plants edible to them.

Many salad dressings have so much fat and oil as to remove most of the health benefits from eating salad, but they still provide good vitamins and needed fiber.

Examples include: italian dressing, thousand island, vinegar and oil

You've been to swanky Italian restaurants where the salads actually taste good? Well, this node will let you replicate the feat!

- Good quality red wine vinegar
- Virgin olive oil
- Salt
- Sugar
- French whole grain mustard
- (Optional: A few cc of soy sauce)
- (Optional: Freshly ground pepper)

1. Fill a large mug about 2/3 with vinegar
2. Add about 1/4 of cup volume of olive oil (can be closer to a 1/3 if you like your dressing with more oil)
3. Add a small amount of salt (a pinch or two)
4. Add quite a bit of sugar, until the dressing has the very slightest hint of sweetness
5. Add a teaspoon of whole grain mustard
6. Optional: Add a few cc of soy sauce to give the dressing a slightly Asian touch
7. Optional: Add some freshly ground pepper
8. Mix vigorously
9. Keep mixing till the salad dressing is almost homogenous
10. Serve on top of salad. Salad will be especially nice if you add some fried (non-fatty) bacon sliced into small pieces.

Closing notes
If you have any dressing left over, it can be easily stored in the fridge in an air-tight bottle (old commercial salad dressing bottles are good). Before serving again make sure you mix the dressing very well.

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