endearingly inconspicuous to my looking daggers into her cherrybomb truth
i'm beestung with envy by the shameless induction to the licorice-whipped sisterhood
but i spy a flustered slipcover and primrose mouths spew such tart lies
emulsified victimization slackens when she pines for him
but she kept her mouth deliriously shut until the room spun cotton candy in her head
and behind her teeth gossamer floodgates sealed off renunciation harder

she smashes the middles of black-eyed susans because they saw her lie too
for smearing in the life story and it's been a bitteryear
cantankerous blooms are redhot for the unchaste coronation
with shuteye desolation surely the girl could muster up some watered down baptismal tears
stop sipping dumbstruck jams from sleepless jellyjars of indignation
for an earthly flesh and sacrament communion by henna-dyed violation

save heavy breathing for more than shallow inundation
the everlasting petal fires are maddeningly violent lovetonic
and we could arc and trace starbright combustibility by the azimuth
in feverish skyscraping of ruby redtide poison
hold your voice together like the outskirts of a wound just once
baby stiffened to be a stormwall and even i'd sympathize awhile

cut your tongue out over blotchy ravages
knockout varnish gives and searing disconcertion erupts
in a gory volcano when she nearly blew overhauled implication
and in fiery bloody knuckles deviation she cheated her highness low
straightfaced she incubates her heartrape sweetache but he never touched her
lying in the riverbed I knew for sure those oilstains are really jewels

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