pronounced rootin'. driving a big truck around in a muddy field. no one's really certain what the point is - it just gives kids in small towns something to do.

a newborn's reflex to turn its head (root) toward stimuli that stroke the chin, cheek, or corners of the mouth. this is necessary because they lack the experience to know what they need to survive. they will suck on objects that touch their lips.

Also a synonym for cracking, or obtaining root. Done by 31337 h4x0Rin0'z, this term is pretty much never used by a real hacker unless in a sarcastic tone.

Also a synonym for having sex. I was in New Zealand this past New Years, at about 1 am Jan 1, 2000. It was pouring out, and I was hiking back to my tent at The Gathering, and by flashlight I look down and see these two bright green frogs on the path in the mud. one on top of the other. As I and my friend stare at these fucking frogs, a couple of kiwis come along.

"Look, they're rooting!"

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