"Road Sign Green" refers to the background color of almost every major road sign in North America, a slightly dark shade of green. Whether you're being welcomed to Oakville, or Exit 1 is to the right, or you're driving down Main Street, or you're 40 miles to Schenectady, NY, or Interstate 20 is straight ahead while Interstate 34 curves off to the left, or the next five exits are for Rochester, your eyes will meet the ubiquitous white-on-road sign green.

Yes, there are exceptions. White-on-blue is the standard for amenities at upcoming exits. White-on-brown is the standard for historical sites. And angry black-on-yellow is standard for warnings such as "left exit". And some highfalutin' localities use custom street signs, shunning the simple, aesthetically-pleasing road sign green. These municipalities must be avoided at all costs.

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