Red Hot is a philanthropic/educational organization based in New York City dedicated to providing HIV/AIDS information, relief efforts, and awareness through "mass culture", that is, the efforts of pop musicians, visual artists, producers and directors. One of their earliest coups came on December 1, 1990 when their video revue "Red Hot + Blue", dedicated to the music of Cole Porter, was shown on national television. Since then, they've produced fourteen CD's covering musical genres from Country & Western to dance mixes to Latin and African music (understandably a specialty) and donated over seven million dollars for AIDS relief around the world. A worthy cause, if there ever was one.

They are also the source of some of the steamiest PSA's ever filmed, all of which can be seen on their website. (Yum. Pant, drool, slaver...) With the slogan "Safe Sex = Hot Sex", they feature various combinations of extremely attractive nude and edgily costumed young people in the great outdoors kissing, dry humping, caressing each others' sensitive bits and generally having the kind of make-out sessions that blister paint off the walls. Yes, you can see a bit of salami on some of them, and they do have some lesbian porn that looks like it was filmed with the erotic interests of actual women in mind (Hooray! Actually I like all three flavors...Taste 'em and see, even if you "don't go for that". Aw, c'mon... I won't tell on you.). This has led PayPal to cancel their account on grounds that they sell "adult" material (grumble...) but Amazon has graciously taken up the slack (good old Jeff Bezos... what a guy!), and a lot of goodies can be had for a donation. They also have a number of fun screensavers, animations, and other toys and a wholly serious (and factual) subsite called Red Hot Africa documenting the sub-Saharan pandemic.

My only regret is that they don't have any T-shirts for sale....their artistic staff is excellent and I'd be proud to wear them.

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