• I just finished a 15 hour work day, it's 4:30 in the morning, and I just got my second wind.
  • The night air cut through the mugginess to make it a beautiful 70 degrees.
  • The sunroof on my car opened up to the stars.
  • There was no one else on the road on my way home, so I put the car in neutral, coasted at about 45 miles per hour, and stuck my arms out the window to feel the night air.
  • The stupid work thing that has been making me crazy for the last 6 weeks is DONE.
  • My apartment has a balcony so I have the doors open. I can hear the birds waking up.
  • I'm barefoot.
  • Oh yeah, there's that guy.
  • My cat was waiting for me at the door when I came in to tell me all about her day.
  • I have the next two days off.
  • Quite simply and plainly, I am ALIVE, dammit. Isn't that a good enough reason, sometimes?

Don't worry, I'll come down eventually. Maybe. When I'm a 104, perhaps.

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