Come on, people, let's get behind this one! Why should we limit the noble goal of eliminating unnecessary people to just unborn children? Surely everyone can agree that most of the people in the world are completely useless and utterly killable, right? Well, let's expand the period when we can perform abortions from the first or second trimester all the way up to 99 years old! (Why 99 years? If they've escaped from me for that long, I figure they deserve a break) Really, can you think of anyone who would disagree with the idea of legalizing abortions for everyone from conception on up? I'm writing my Congressthing right now, and you should, too!

Yeah, sure, this is a total joke. No need to pay any attention to me. Soon you will all bow before my throne...
The scary thing is, in some parts of the world this isn't a joke. In a certain large eastern country, much more emphasis is placed on male children (not that it isn't so elsewhere in the world) than female. Tradition dictates that when a woman is to be married off, her dowry goes to her husband's family, and all her obligations to her family are shifted to his. As a result, for most rural farmers, raising a female child will result in a great drain on the family's resources, with little apparent gain. Male children work on the farms, contribute to the family, bring home dowries and care for their parents in their old age.

Traditionally this was remedied by infanticide, although this is considered a taboo subject anywhere and not likely to show up on statistics from say, CNN. However, in our modern society, it's common to use ultrasound to determine the sex of a child. This technology, availiable to even the middle class of that country has resulted in an enormous population disparity. Estimates give a ratio of one female person, not child, in that country for every six males, and that is a conservative estimate. I know it sounds a bit extreme.

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