Bay Area bridge connecting Foster City in the mid-peninsula and Hayward in the mid-East Bay. This is the longest bridge in the Bay Area, with a span of about 9 miles. This bridge is infamous for the horrendous amounts of traffic that commuters must face on a daily basis. From about 6am to 9am, you can expect 5mph stop and go traffic going west, stretching from the Nimitz freeway all the way to 101, a span of about 15 miles. From 3pm to 8pm you can expect similar traffic going the eastbound. A commuter's nightmare! I cross this bridge every day, but luckily I am going eastbound in the morning, and westbound in the evening, which means I can zoom along at 70mph while people going the other direction are crawling along at 5. I feel very fortunate.

On another note, something about this bridge has been catching my attention lately. Along the center divider there are little marker signs. I noticed today that almost every single one of the marker signs has a bumper sticker stuck on it. Keep in mind that this is a nine mile bridge. The signs are out of reach from a car, so you can't just whack one on while you fly by. Since there is no shoulder, I don't see how you could get out and stick them on without getting whacked by a semi. How the hell did someone do this? Why the hell did they do this? I cannot solve the mystery. It's.... mind boggling!

Update: Driving to work today I made some more observations on the bridge sticker conspiracy. My original "almost every" statement is incorrect. I would say somewhere between 50% and 60% have stickers. And this figure only covers the span area. Only a couple of the markers on the highrise area are tagged. Odd. About 90% of the tagged markers have the sticker facing the eastbound traffic. Why this is I don't know. Some stickers seemed much more prominent than others. The most common one was for 1-800-FREE-ADS. The second most promonent was KMEL, Wild 94.9 radio was next, followed by AAA. I saw at least two Live 105 stickers, at least two Insecto stickers, a couple Rip Curl stickers, one Power Bar wrapper (not a sticker, an actual wrapper attached to a marker), and one clothespin stuck on top of one of the signs. The mystery still remains on how any of this got there. Even if traffic was stop and go, who the hell would jump out of their car at 30 different signs and tag them with stickers and Power Bars? Truly inexplicable. I will keep you updated on the Bridge Sticker Conspiracy as soon as I learn more!

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