oz.org is an Australian IRC network.

It's origins go back to Undernet, where in early 1996 it delinked due to the inability to maintain a connection during the peak use times of the TransPacific Australian/United States network link.

oz.org has existed as a stand-alone network since then, and claims to be Australia's most popular IRC network, with up to 4000 simultaneous users at times.

oz.org offers channel registration service called Z, maintained by the Australian Channel Service (AUCS).

oz.org it totally non-profit, and it not owned by one company or organisation. It is run only on donated servers with donated bandwidth.

oz.org's web site is http://www.oz.org.

Source: http://www.oz.org

Note: 'oz.org' is the name of the IRC network, not 'ozorg'. That is why the dot is in the node title.

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