It's a nice city in New South Wales, Australia, just 80Km south of Sydney.
It can be seen from the plane some 10 minutes before landing at the Sydney airport: a strip of houses between hills and ocean. It seems quite large, but is well served by public transports, so distance won't bother you much. I'm not implying that the transports are fast: it's just that, here, nobody is in a hurry. Time is relaxed.
A city on the east coast of Australia, located about an hour's drive south of Sydney. The Gong, as it is affectionately known, is Australia's seventh largest city - with a population of 450,000 people.

Geographically, it is bounded by the escarpment and the sea. It's beautiful! Naturally, there's a huge beach culture here.

The main industries are the BHP (Broken Hill Proprietary Ltd) steelworks at Port Kembla, education - the University of Wollongong and tourism.

Like dakkar said, things do proceed at a more leisurely pace here.

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