I'm here in office 226, building 3 of the University of Wollongong (form now on UoW). I'm here on "paid holidays", since I convinced one of my teachers of the university (I study in Pisa, Italy) that my work in neural networks was worth something. Which might be, if I just tried a little harder to do some work. Which I don't.

So, about the UoW.

It's a beautiful scenery: trees and grass and little lakes, a fake waterfall, birds and animals. Students can be seen walking around, sleeping under the sun, chatting on benches.
Apparently, some also do study. Evidence of this can be found in the various papers scattered around, denouncing deficiencies in the administration and in the use of money. Let me explain:
if you are here and don't work nor study, you can't complain
they complain
they either work or study

It has been awarded University of the year 1999-2000. Someone have explained to me that it should be read: best money-making machine of Australia.

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