On my best days I can be all things to all people

I can be wise and patient.

I listen to my friend's problems, in an sympathetic way, without wanting to shake them for their self-pity, or scream at them for the stupid mistakes they are making. I ask the right questions so that they come to a solution themselves, without giving them advice that they don't want.

I smile at my daughter and talk to her, even if she is interrupting something I'm busy with. I don't snap irritably, and tell her to come back when I'm finished.

I soothe my husband, when he complains about his job again, hug him and empathise with him, because it really is a horrible situation, rather than muttering under my breath about how many times I've heard all the complaints.

I can be witty, and funny, and cheer people up.

I find a positive angle to things that people can accept, I say things that make them smile even when they are down, I touch their sense of the ridiculous, and soon they are laughing I make them happy -- I don't sink with them into their darkness.

I can be creative and profound.

I write things that stimulate people, that challenge them and make them think. I find the right words to touch them and make them really feel the emotions I wish to evoke. I provide insights and maybe even revalations. I don't struggle to form sentences, I don't churn out cliches, or turgid prose.

I can be efficient and productive.

I storm through my work, focused and effective. Things get done, and done well. I don't spend all day running round in circles or robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I can be strong

When something goes wrong, I deal with it. I put it right, if I can, and if I can't, I accept it and move on. I don't cry, or rant, or let it get on top of me, I don't feel like a victim.

On my best days, I can be wonderful. I'm the me I really want to be, effortlessly.

Pity my best days are so few and far between.

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