A UNIX command for numbering the lines in a text file.
The GNU version provides options for doing everything you had ever thought of and many thing you will never think of: you can change the numbering style, keep different counts for (bizarrely specified) headers, page bodies and footers, reset the count, keep the numbering consistent across files.
And as always with GNU, it can be told to number only lines that match a certain regexp.

NL is also a common abbreviation in the canadian (and probably elsewhere) mutual fund industry for "No Load" - ie, no commission fee charged. This is a little misleading, as all mutual funds have a hidden fee in the form of administrative fees taken out directly by the mutual fund company, usually expressed in percentage form as a Management Expense Ratio, or MER, but No Load funds are still the ones with the least commission being charged.

Other load types include FE, or Front-End Load (also called ISC, Initial Sales Charge), and DSC, or Deferred Sales Charge, also called Back-End Load.

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