Most often seen on an article of clothing, this phenomenon includes a sudden besmirching by an unknown source. Noted examples include:

  • That purple blotch on your white blouse (your husband's last words: "Hey honey, taste new jam I it OK? It's blackraspcurrantblueplumberry. Oops.") - OK, that one isn't so much "mysterious" per se...but if you don't remind him every time you see it in the closet, he'll never learn...
  • The orange stripe down the back of your favorite powder blue blazer (you know...your good blazer...the one you wore to Aunt Georgina's third know the one I mean. Yes you do.)
  • The yellow dots all over your brown slacks (damned dry cleaners swore they got them all, but you knew they were lying throught their filthy, unbrushed teeth...)
  • The brown smear down the back of your white running shorts (oh please, please, please let it be pudding...Eww. No such luck.)
  • The crusty white streaks on your son's sheets (and pyjamas, and underwear, and socks, and...)

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