Zout is a type of Creole music. It is very popular in the Carribean and parts of Africa. Zout is performed in the style of music called reggae, which is basically a vocalist backed by a bassline and some percussion accompaniment. Reggae vocalists can be compared to rappers, but the content of the music is very different and the "reggaists" tend to be more vocally talented. Zout, specifically, is reggae sung in French and with a Creole background. Zout actually developed at about the same time as reggae, maybe a little earlier. After all, reggae is Creole in nature. A popular zout group are the Neg'Marrons. Their most well-known cds are Le Bilan and Heritage, sold in a two-disc set.

To enjoy this music it helps to understand French, but it's definitely not necessary. "Zout©" is also a type of stain remover.

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