Muchas gracias means "many thanks" in Spanish. It also is the name of a Mexican restaurant a few blocks from my apartment.

They built this restaurant in an old Taco Bell when the Taco Bell abandoned the building to go build one of their fancier new stores a few blocks away. All of the people who work there speak fluent Spanish. Half the fun of eating there is listening to them yell to each other in the kitchen in Spanish. The other half of the fun is wondering if what you order will taste good or not. The food is really cheap, and its usually pretty good. Sometimes though, it just doesn't taste as good as the last time. I don't know why this happens.

I like the quesadilla there the best. TONS of cheese. Yummmmmmy! :)

Muchas at its best is exponentially better than Taco bell. The portions are generous to say the least with the burrito's requiring a complex pulley system to lift. Another favorite is the U.F.O., which is basically every kind of Mexican ingredient in the store on top of a crunchy shell. Unfortunately the meats can occasionally be far to wet to be enjoyable. The staff however is very nice and if you ask them to get dry meat they usually will. The old taco bell spot is the oldest and best but there is another one in downtown where an old burger place used to be.

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