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LIES, Cars, and Beer.
None of great interest.
I was a victim of a series of accidents, as are we all. (K.V.Jr.)
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Born in 16th century Romania, Bizzaro dedicated his entire
life (2 1/3 years) to exposing the illogical nature of the
universe. Upon completing this goal he promptly vanished in
a puff of raspberry - creme filling. For the next several
centuries the story of Dr.Bizzaro (Ph.D. in underwater
stump blasting)was told to dark age bakers to warn against
the unholy act of impregnating doughnuts with
raspberry-creme filling. In recent times Sir Bizzaro
(Knighted by the queen in 1984 3/4 for appearing in a dream
to the queens baker/secret lover, and telling him the recipe
for a really wicked bacon honey marmalade waffle) has been
spotted with either orange and purple leopard style spots or
bright wonder bread spots. Seeing St. Bizzaro (patron
saint of spelunkers) is reputed to cause 10 to 14 13/47
mins. of intense happiness followed by a lifetime (of equal
or lesser value) filled with horror and insanity.
Paranormal investigators have determined that the best
course of action to take if Gen. Bizzaro(Great Maltese
Sherpa War, Medal of Floaty Seafood) is seen would be to
fall on the ground and spin in place going
"whoop,whoop,whoop" ala Homer Simpson.