A city in Southwest Washington named for Captain Vancouver, and not to be confused with Vancouver, B.C. A key site in Vancouver is Fort Vancouver, where the Hudson's Bay Company had a trading post set up for all the fur trappers in the area. There is a large fireworks show at Fort Vancouver every 4th of July. Vancouver can be crappy in parts, like Hazel Dell, but overall its not a bad place to live. It is just over the Columbia River from Portland.

Due to the general lack of creativity in geographical names, Vancouver, Washington has long been confused with that "other" Vancouver just a few hours to the north. Local historians will tell you that Vancouver, Washington was named first.

When traveling, Vancouverites often claim to be from Portland to avoid confusion. Portland, Oregon, that is. Those who say they are from Vancouver are just trying to bask in the glow of the more glamorous, and much more cosmopolitan, Canadian city. I freely admit to doing so. Occasionally grassroots activists make valiant, doomed, attempts to get the city to change its name to Fort Vancouver.

Also known as "the other Vancouver," in "the other Washington," across the river from "the other Portland."

Hazel Dell is a growing part of Clark County, but NOT incorporated with Vancouver, despite the mailing address.

It is a growing community, with a new C-Tran transit station between Hazel Dell Avenue and Highway 99 and 99th Street.

Mayor of "AMERICA'S Vancouver", Royce Pollard, had C-Tran's most vital transit center removed from downtown's 7th Street a few years back. That has led to many Portland residents, and other travelers, being confused as to where to catch another bus. Too bad, as that was a good place for visitors to ask questions and get answers!

However, the mayor has on many occasions, including interviews with the Columbian, and recently at a debate covered by CVTV, stated that "downtown Vancouver was a dump" when he was forced to move here in 1985, and that C-Tran brought in transients and made it dirty...before HE changed things, and taking full credit for any and all changes.

He does want TriMet to run the Yellow Line Maxthrough that area, however. Evidentially, the people who take the Max, and drive for TriMet, are cleaner?

Also, Mayor Pollard and others in that city's governing body, cancelled the fort's fireworks in 2009. They said the economic woes that fated it were caused by lack of public purchases in 2008...some stands sell fireworks to support the display. However, other financial backers also backed out.

It is claimed by the city that a new backer, and possible donations?, will bring it back...that is, if the people want it back.

It was known as the Biggest West of the Mississippi!

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