Dreadfully annoying posters that Dilbert-esque managers hang up on the office cubicles in order to make employees feel upbeat and motivated to contribute to the office collective. They usually include dramatic photographs of athletes, nature scenery, golf courses, and people participating in gravity sports accompanied by a dull epigram along the lines of:

  • Challenge - Dare to confront what can only be imagined.
  • Teamwork - The secret of success is consistency of purpose.
  • Perseverence - It is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.

To one such as myself, these things are actually counterproductive. I find them trite, simplistic, and cynical on the company's part. I far more enjoy working in an office decorated with contemporary art and educated design, which is pleasing to the eye and mind without any blatant intent except to be just that.

I'm currently resisting the urge to place a couple of orders at Despair, Inc. and posting them after midnight around the office, and seeing how long it takes anyone to notice. No telling how long I can hold out, though.

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