The sense and sound abstracted, mere words make ourselves, especially here, word-web become place populated with word-people.
That is, words and nothing more. We easily interact with entities made of syllables, and why not? We cannot think without them. In real life, i am only words myself, the rest is illusion. So why should i believe you are different?
But how close the words remain to our bodies! Mere words carry their signified through space in ghost form. Phantoms of meaning/intention, rubbing together, frisson/friction to keep everything warm and growing.
Yet out here, i find i have hands and lips. To my surprise, they carry their own meaning, even when silent and not typing.
Mere words are nothing more than syllables combined in a way that makes sense; Meaningless without a mutual language.

Yet, they are so powerful.

Mere words can invoke laughter or tears.
Mere words can cause a person to fall in love or to kill.
Everything is mere words.

But words themselves are merely a frontend for a more powerful aspect of the human mind. Can some of us not appreciate an elegant block of code even more than the stanza of a poem? Words are just a convenient way to create with the mouth or pen. There are those who speak with brushes and paints, violin and piano, keyboard and compiler. To praise words is merely to praise the ability of the human mind to express itself. It's a shame that even words are so often a blunt, imperfect instrument.

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