(FurryMUCK, et al.) (Named after former FurryMUCK character Maverick, who had a rather embarrassing incident where he was yiff in the West Corner of the Park via page, when he accidentally said his actions to the park and not to his&partner.) v. Any communication over the wrong channel of communication, ie, say instead of page, page instead of @shout and paging the wrong person.

Mav is, according to Agatha at GarouMUSH, currently residing in DinoMUSH. Or at least was a few months ago.

Also, Mavs are often ranked according to severity.

A 1 would just be a reasonably private message: just something that'd get lost in the hubbub of business.

A 2 has some interesting content. Maybe some politics, a slight whiff of yiff, some slightly personal comment that should have stayed quiet.

Level 3 has some serious content. An anatomical discussion of the ins and outs of TinySex, something that someone is going to seriously regret.

Number 4 is restricted to very serious content. Some bondage, perhaps, in a very public area. A lot of large things tied together (in either sense of the phrase). You're going to get a serious telling off from the wizards.

Level 5 can only be imagined.

Apparently, the scale goes up to 10.
Rorschach rates that mav only about 2. on a scale of 1-10.
You need to include bestiality, anal sex and egg beaters to rate over an 8.
John tries to think. Kaz did a fairly good one with tentacles, recently...
Yi says "That's a harsh scale Ror."
John says "It's a good scale."
Rorschach is mean, Yi. :-)
(The Cow) wonders what it needs to get to 10? Has it ever been recorded?
John says "Well, that way, the public only gets what it wants. Smut."
Rorschach says "24 lines of tinysex usually does the trick."
John grins.
  --GarouMush, 2001

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