Almighty Bogleg!

This is a tale about an obscure bit of slang from the early days of the internet. You probably aren't even that interested.

The story goes that back in the dim, dark ages of mudding, someone was attempting to use a feeling and made a typo (a feeling, in the context of a MUD, is an emote; what you might know as a /action, but one that often has code behind it somehow so that it does something more complicated than saying /me loves ice cream or whatever).

An attempt to "boggle" became "bogleg" and a meme was born. In the nature of such things, the typo'd version was adopted and became an implemented feeling in many MUDs of the time. You could type bogleg (often in response to a typo or something unintentionally humourous) and get something along the lines of:

> bogleg Dave
You bogleg at Dave the whatever.

Combined with the Nadsat/Russian "Bog", the whole thing took on a somewhat jesting religious character. The fact that newbies had no idea what people were talking about only made the whole thing more appealing to those in the know.

Later in the piece, and harking back to the typo nature of the original, the term was sometimes used to refer to collections of user quotes, funny chat-logs and such, the kind of things that appear on It still serves as a common feeling in the original sense as well.

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