The Mandatory Sex Party is an Australian political party that was formed in 2005. In the five years they have been running, the MSP has as yet failed to win a single seat in any electorate. The MSP stands primarily for one policy, and that is that every Australian citizen must have sex. Not sex the verb, but sex the noun.

This is to say that people will be required by law to be either male or female. Any Australian citizen found to be without sex will have several options available to them. Surgical operations required to provide them with a sex will be subsidised by the government, separate from the existing Medicare scheme. Those who choose not to gain a sex will not be able to be voluntarily euthanised unless the laws required for that make it to the Australian Constitution also. To escape deportation, illegal residents may form undetectable communities in the vast expanses of Central Australia.

Note that unlike the Australian Sex Party, the Mandatory Sex Party is not working towards equality for the sexes, but rather sex for equality.

For more information on the MSP, please visit their website at or contact you local representative.

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