A villain/super hero published by DC Comics. Man-Bat first appeared in Detective Comics #400.

Kirk Langstrom was a zoologist who specialized in the the study of bats. Over his years of studying, Langstrom had come to believe that an extract from bats could be used to endow people who were struck with blindness the ability to use a bat-like sonar to "see." Langstrom pursued his idea, eventually creating a formula that he thought would work.

Like all good scientists, Langstrom decided to cut corners and test the formula on a human subject. Langstrom gave himself the formula and found that instead just giving him the bat's sonar, it also gave him a bat-like appearance, huge leathery wings, fangs and a penchant for mayhem. If Langstrom had been in Cleveland or St. Louis, he might have been stuck in this form for a very long time, but Langstrom worked in Gotham City and so quickly came into conflict with Gotham's defender, Batman.

Langstrom, who in this form was called Man-Bat, and Batman clashed a number of times, until Batman used his skill in chemistry to create an antidote. Batman was able to administer the cure and return Langstrom to his human form.

Langstrom eventually refined the formula and used it for a time to be a crimefighter as well, but eventually gave up on that to live a normal life.

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