THE quintessential magic-user spell (other than the ubiquitous Fireball) that has become almost synonymous with low-level magic-user characters in Dungeons and Dragons type role-playing games- after the spell is cast, a small bolt of force shoots out towards whoever the mage wishes. The missile always hits, and will always do damage to the target, barring other magical interference. Most PC types will have this spell if only for the fact that it's a very reliable way to actually do a small amount of damage in situations where otherwise you would be armed with, at absolute best, a small sword- and more likely, a quarterstaff or dagger.

Like almost all damage-dealing magic, magic missile becomes more potent as the character gains casting power. While it will never have the massive death-dealing capability of a well-placed Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Power Word: Kill and the like, it remains a valuable, effective first-level spell that WORKS- meaning it doesn't waste your oh-so-precious time.

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