Longhorn is also a fine English cheese, of cow's milk, similar to Cheddar, with a firm consistency and a yellowish-orange colour. It's frequently used in England for cooking. Longhorn has a fat content of 48%

research source: cheese.com

Workingtitle for the successor to Microsoft's operating system Windows XP.

The workingtitle for XP was Whistler and the successor for Longhorn is also in development under the name Blackcomb.
E2 makes it possible to find the origin of those words: Whistler/Blackcomb. They are mountains...
The odd thing is that the word longhorn doesn't fit in, maybe the longhorns habitat is in between those mountains. :-)

Note: It's just the working title, the real name will probably be Windows RG (really good).

Long"horn` (?), n. Zool.

A long-horned animal, as a cow, goat, or beetle. See Long-horned.


© Webster 1913.

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