*** (Please read drawers first for context.)

The contents of my kitchen catch-all drawer, in no particular order:

1) one yellow, one red plastic monkey from Barrel of Monkeys

2) three D.A.R.E. plastic rulers that double as bookmarks

3) two wooden clothespins, one with metal spring, one without

4) five 1 cent Tiffany Lamp postage stamps

5) two Forever Flag stamps

6) three old cell phones, one charger

7) dubious digital camera

8) numerous magnets, some advertising services, some not

9) post-it pads

10) pencils with erasers so old the rubber is hard

11) push pins

12) safety pins linked together, varying sizes

13) paper clips, same as above

14) two pairs of Ray Bans from the '60s

15) pencil sharpener in the shape of a slot machine, still working

16) packet of yellow crookneck squash seeds, "Best if planted by 1999"

17) purple shoelaces (swag from END DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Walk attended with my Mom)

18) photo of me with hair I no longer have, wearing a blouse I hated,
standing next to an American Flag collage awarded Community Favorite
in the local library's art show the year after 9/11

19) a yellow smiley face top, still spins, still smiling

20) instruction manuals for toaster oven purchased 6/27/08, espresso machine,
Texas Instruments Solar calculator circa 1996, Moen faucet replacement lifetime guarantee,
American Standard low water use toilet cleaning guide, tiny paper on how to replace battery in
Portmeirion clock with a note in husband's hand that my sister gave me the clock
for Christmas, uncharacteristically undated

21) blank banking deposit slips and transaction registers including the last one
my husband used dated 6/2/2014


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