This is a suggestion to all in the form of a declaration. None of you have to remember my name.

Basically I am a bit tired of people placing so much value on a name. I can't remember the names of everyone I meet, but I can almost always remember meeting them, the circumstances of our meeting and often something about them, an interest of theirs, their opinion on something we talked about, or my general impression of them.

Ever since leaving High School I've been realizing that I am meeting a lot of people whose names I don't really know. I am no longer in a school system that leaves me familiar with all the people I interact with.

I've found myself in too many social situations where I've been expected to remember someone's name or where they've felt bad that they couldn't remember mine, despite only being told once during a handshake or something equally banal and forgettable.

If you can't remember my name, that's totally fine. If you put a lot of value on other people remembering your name, please reconsider that. It's just the title of the being you are, not all that important to your actual character and personality.

This applies to last names as well as first. The number of people I know by only one name or by a nickname is growing at a far greater rate than the people who I know by a full name.

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