1.) Said of a thin, flexible material affixed to another material, with a permanent adhesive. Plastic films may be laminated to wood to protect or decorate it; clear plastic is commonly laminated to paper documents to protect them; and laminates of cloth, paper, foil, and plastic films are used in signage, stickers, photographic film, electrical cable shield, specialty tapes, sail cloth, and much more.

2.) Intoxicated with fumes of aromatic hydrocarbons, such as toluene or MEK. Misusing said substances is called huffing. A play on the alcohol culture term "plastered", workers in the tape and laminate industry frequently use (and abuse) aromatic hydrocarbons as solvents. "Dude, I was washing down the rollers with MEK for hours, and by the time the shift was over, I was totally laminated.

Lam"i*na`ted (?), a.


Laminated arch Arch., a timber arch made of layers of bent planks secured by treenails.


© Webster 1913.

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