Kembo, a grand new school for martial arts and for philosophy was found some 4 years ago, in 1996 or 1997. It has it's origin in the military camp in Turku, Finland.

The philosophy of kembo is based on anxiety, oppression and agony. The goal is to raise a level of these things to their maximum or find the subjective level of saturation: no matter what bad things happens to you, no matter what kind of catastrophes you are to met, your feelings remain unchanged and actually you're not able to make a difference between separate worst cases; you have reached the rock-bottom and there's no other way but the way up.

The fraction of kembo-acolytes argue that you can go so down that you actually break the ground and you end up to find the heaven below the hell. The fact that the universe arches supports this assumption. "The truth is down there."

"Kembo" is a Norwegian slang word meaning enormous. I have been informed by arj that the word is imported from Urdu, presumably introduced to the language by Pakistani immigrants.

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