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Kingdom   Plantae
Phylum    Magnoliophyta
Class     Magnoliopsida (Dicotyledons) 
Sub-Class Rosidae
Order     Rosales
Family    Crassulaceae
Genus     Jovibarba
Species   Approximately 5
Jovibarba has variously been considered: Taxonomy is quite an evolving science, and it is best left to botanists to debate the relationship of jovibarba to other similar genera. At this point (as of 2001), Jovibarba is considered a unique genus, after having been removed as a subgenus (or section) of sempervivum. This is a subject of intense debate.

Visible traits of jovibarba which differ from traits of sempervivum involve the shape and colour of the flowers (jovibarba having bell shaped, pale yellow flowers), and the shape of pollen grains (jovibarbas being barrel shaped). The discovery of difference in pollen is one of the most compelling reasons for jovibarba being classed as it's own genus.

I will attempt to provide more details -- I am trying to get my hands on a paper entitled Selected problems of the taxonomic differentiation of the genera Sempervivum and Jovibarba in Europe which is a PhD thesis by Dominik Roman Letz, in the Slovak Republic.

The word jovibarba itself means "Jove's Beard", Jove being another name for Jupiter.
references: a wonderful site called sempervivophilia, found at

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