A one-to-one correspondence of a set A with a set B. The sets A and B are then said to be equinumerable, equipotent or equivalent. If operations such as addition or multiplication are defined for A and B, it is required that these correspond between A and B.

Two groups are said to be isomorphic if there exists a map f: G1->G2 such that f is a bijection. Let G1 be (G,+) and let G2 be (H,*), where G and H are arbitrary non-empty sets and + and * are arbitrary operations on those sets. For g1, g2 in G, f(g1 + g2)
= f(g1) * f(g2) => G1 and G2 are isomorphic.

I`so*mor"phic (?), a.



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I`so*mor"phic (?), a. (Biol.)

Alike in form; exhibiting isomorphism.


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