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I'm an actuary, by gum
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How can idealism be a bad thing?
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Some people wonder: Who is Actuary X? Why the mystery? Why the secret identity? Well, there is no mystery, really. Actuary X is David Hodges, and he lives in New York. He's just this guy. He rides a motorcycle. He plays guitar and bass. He.'s left-handed. What else could you want to know? Okay, yes, I really am an actuary - I became a member of the CAS in early 2000. Does that make me a yuppie? Yeah, but I don't have a Porsche or a cell phone or anything.

Why don't I have that many nodes? I'm not that competitive.

I should also make clear that I am not a super-villian. I don't have super powers. I have only regular powers. I will use them for good, or for evil, equally - the pay rate is the same. ..