An explanation which is even more obscure and vague than the thing it explains. In Latin, it literally means "the unknown by the more unknown". This explanation (or dysexplanation, if I feel like making up an odd-sounding term no-one will use) comes in two forms: intentional and unintentional. The latter can be found in the manuals of many household appliances, as well as anything that fairly bad writers create (for instance, Karl Marx. Excepting the Communist Manifesto which was co-written with Friedrich Engels, Marx's writing style is hard to follow for many. Try reading anything else by him. The words tend to turn into a meaningless concoction of jibberish). The former is truly a Good Thing to have, especially for the more Machiavellian types. You can confuse, mislead, and impress at the same time. Sometimes I find myself doing such a thing, such as this write-up might be, depending on how far I have digressed from the topic.

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