"hindiko alam" is the tagalog phrase for "i don't know".

broken up, this phrase is comprised of three words:

  • hindi, which is the word connoting the negation of a sentence, translates to the word "no" if spoken independently.
  • ko is the abbreviated version of the first person pronoun "ako". "hindiko" is the contraction of the words "hindi" and "ako".
  • alam is the conjugated verb "to know".
brought together, the words form: "hindi ako alam" or "hindiko alam" (pronounced hin-DEE-ko ah-LAHM). compare to ewan.

note the lack of spanish linguistic influence.

This phrase should be "Hindi ko alam," meaning "I don't know". "Hindi" and "ko" are two different words, and should be put separately.

"Hindi" is commonly contracted to "'di" or simply "di" (without the apostrophe), as in "Di ko alam."

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