A logical argument that provides the most basic false form of a given statement. The negation of the statement 'The car is red' is 'The car is not red'. This can get confusing, however. For example the negation of 'All cars are red' is 'Not all cars are red' or 'One car is not red', NOT 'All cars are not red.' Be careful. A statement and its negation cannot be simultaneously true. (See contradiction).

Ne*ga"tion (?), n. [L. negatio, fr. negare to say no, to deny; ne not + the root of aio I say; cf. Gr. , Skr. ah to say; cf. F. n'egation. See No, adv., and cf. Adage, Deny, Renegade.]


The act of denying; assertion of the nonreality or untruthfulness of anything; declaration that something is not, or has not been, or will not be; denial; -- the opposite of affirmation.

Our assertions and negations should be yea and nay. Rogers.

2. Logic

Description or definition by denial, exclusion, or exception; statement of what a thing is not, or has not, from which may be inferred what it is or has.


© Webster 1913.

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