A hangunder would be the opposite of a hangover. If a hangover is a headache because of the effects of alcohol, then a hangunder would be a headache because of a lack of alcohol.

Never, ever, ever go drinking with a migraine. While it appears to go away, it is just hiding under a lovey blanket of alcohol. When you stop drinking it will come back, and now you're too drunk to deal with it sensibly (and have too much blood alcohol to take aspirin or paracetamol, unless you want to add liver failure to your list of woes).

Trying to go to sleep, you will experience the true horror of a hangunder. Not only will your head will feel several time more evil than when you set out, but you will also be tired and dehydrated - sensations which are not appreciated when the room is spinning, you can't see properly, can't think straight and have no real concept of time anymore.

And then in the morning you'll have a hangover to boot. Lovely!

In Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, the unusual vul nut vine is yet another consequence of the magical field which saturates the entire Disc. Due to an unusual four-dimensional twist in its DNA, the vul nut vine could be planted this year to produce fruit up to eight years earlier.

Naturally, this leads to some unusual complications in the harvesting process, requiring the grower to keep precise documentation about when a vine grew and flourished so that it would be planted later on at the correct time. But it was worth it, to those who could afford wine made from the vul nut, since it was said to bestow insight into the future to the drinker.

Of course, it also had the side effect of giving you a hangunder -- like a hangover, except you experienced it the morning before -- if you drank too much of it at a party.

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